Fordyce (1860)

Fordyce, a small village in the wide and important parish of the same name, was the next scene of his labours. A few hours after his arrival he had a meeting in the Free Church. It was crowded and many were unable to gain admission, and above all a very deep impression was made on many hearts. The services on the following nights were attended by circumstances that will never be erased from the memories of many present. After the address, a prayer meeting was being carried on when, to use the words of Scripture, "The Holy Ghost fell on all them that heard the word, and fear came upon every soul." (Acts x., 44; xi. 15.) On the following evening the same power was present. Night fled into early morning like a dream before the multitude left the hallowed spot; for, like Peter, the people felt it good to be there. One present says:—"In the midst of all this, Mr Turner seemed to enjoy a more than usual serenity of soul, as he moved gently among the people, sometimes raising the song of praise then charging the undecided to yield up their whole hearts to God, cut every tie, and close with a freely-offered Saviour; and very frequently he would urge on the people to make sure of giving the glory to God only for these mighty works."

From 'James Turner,' by E McHardie.

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