Portsoy (1860)

Portsoy was his next field of labour—a coast town between Banff and Cullen—where the same manifestations of the Spirit's power were vouchsafed as in the former places; and besides the daily meetings in public, and counsel and direction given to inquirers in -private, he did much good by visiting a number of old and sick people in their own homes during the week he spent in it. After leaving Portsoy, he visited Grange, Whitehills, and Huntly with similar results. From Huntlyaround he writes thus:—

"You will be wondering how I have been so long in writing to you, but till now I could not get time to do so. Since I wrote last being saved I have been in Portsoy, where the Spirit's power was manifested in a very remarkable manner, and I believe many souls have glory to God.

From 'James Turner,' by E McHardie.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were.

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