I was born in 1949 and had a privileged upbringing, stable home, boarding school from the age of 7 etc.

I became a chartered accountant and then went to London Business School in 1982 to get an MBA. After that I had my own consultancy/book-keeping business, going half time around 2000 and then fully retiring in 2020.

I came to the Lord in 1987 and attended St Paul’s Onslow Square Church, a plant from Holy Trinity Brompton, for about ten years. During this time my life was changed through the Holy Spirit’s outpouring in 1994, called the Toronto Blessing. 

In my different stages of ministry I have been so blessed by clear guidance from the Lord and then prophetic words over me that confirmed what I was to do. It has made the last 23 years very fulfilling.

The Wells

Around 2000 I was in a John Arnott meeting, when during the worship the Lord told me to fast for 40 days. I was not keen and questioned what I had heard, but I went ahead with a 40 day juice fast. I found it unexpectedly easy; I assume because I was being obedient. Just after the fast ended I had a dream where I was standing in front of church and a woman came up the aisle and told me that the Lord was going to show me my ministry!

A few days later I was at an Intercessors conference in Colorado Springs, and there were several instances when the subject of “Wells” came up. I saw wells in a book, on a bus, in a dream and I had a couple of prophetic words; all of which indicated that I was meant to pray open the wells of the nation, but I did not know where they were!

The only place of significance that I knew about was the Synod of Whitby, where the nation became Catholic. So I went there to pray, but I realised that this was one of the enemies strongholds rather than a “Well’. After that I was wondering how to find out where the wells were when my brother rang and asked if I would help him in his business.

So God’s work was forgotten for about three years until Julie Anderson, a leading intercessor, rang me to ask where the “Wells” were – oops! From that moment to this I have been working on the task the Lord gave me, including recording everything on this website so that future generations will not have to repeat the work. I would not recommend delaying action on a word from the Lord like I did.

First, I had to find out where the “Wells” were, which involved a lot of research. Then I would travel around the country praying open the wells. I travelled to about 1,500 places in all; taking springs and summers most years to do this. In view of the large number of “Wells” to visit I would pray all the way to the site and then get out of the car, claim the land for Christ, declare the “Well” open and then drive on to the next one. This took me to virtually every part of the UK and it was such a privilege to see our beautiful nation. There were often God encounters when I was touring around and sometimes the Lord revealed something exciting.


Around 2007 I was at the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City and was walking towards the book shop when I felt the Lord say that I needed to write a book. Well, this shocked me as I am no writer and my use of the English language is not very creative. I walked around the book shop and said to the Lord, “What on earth can I write about? Look at all these books, every subject under the sun has been written about. Anyway, I do not know the Bible nearly well enough.” In response He told me to write on what I was passionate about. I considered what that was and remembered my life verse was Ephesians 4:11-12, about equipping the saints for works of service. 

This was followed by two or three prophetic words that I would write books, including a trilogy.

So, in 2008 I published my first book. “It is Time to Step Out in Your Calling.”


In March 2014 I was in Scotland and a prophet from the US picked me out of the small congregation and told me that I had to do vignettes on revival for young people. After looking up what a “vignette” was I placed a lot of importance on this “word” as some years before, a Scot, who I met up with at the grave of a “Forgotten Hero”, filmed me as I was telling him the story of this hero and he said I should do some presentation work. 

I put this at the back of mind and then three years later my friend and now video man/editor, prophesied the same thing over me. This time I decided to look into the idea of doing videos, but decided that doing vignettes (3-5 minutes) would not work. When telling the life of a “Forgotten Hero” you need longer than 5 minutes to do justice to the achievements of the subject of each story.    Shortly after that I had two prophesies from senior US prophets saying much the same thing. So ever since then I have been doing videos each summer, switching from the lives of revivalists to filming the stories of different revivals.

This week (July 2023) I have had another prophecy, this time from Cindy Jacobs, again a senior US Prophet, saying that I have to get back into full time ministry, write a book on revivals and get involved in the harvest. This confirmed a prophecy I had many years ago that I was going to record the coming revival – now that is a job I long to do!