First Presbyterian Church Ahoghill (1859)

David Adams became the minister here in 1841 and spent a lot of time preaching on revival and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He organised three district prayer meetings in 1855. The attendance at the 1856 Communion meetings were so large that they had to build a new church. This was opened in 1858, just in time for the revival; it held 1,200 people.

On the 14th March 1859 there was a Thanksgiving service, where there were some 3,000 people attending. James Bankhead, one of the converts from Connor, prayed in a very excited manner which got the congregtion worked up. Adams was concerned that the galleries might collapse, so he cleared them. This meeting was the trigger that had the revival sweep over the area.

Adam's wrote, "many souls were brought to Christ for salvation in such a sudden and wonderful manner as to impress the world and the Church with a sense of their need and the value of a living Christianity... Meetings for praise, prayer, reading the Scriptures, and exhortation, were being held every night, and frequently at mid-day in the busiest season, in kitchens, farms, schoolhouses, churches, fields, wayside and hedgeside, while secret and family prayer became very general. The spiritual impressed were multiplied daily - eight or nine of my hearers being changed in a day. In the end of April and the beginning of May the wind of the Spirit calmed, but about the middle of May it blew a spiritual hurricane..."

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