William Carvosso's grave (1834)

William Carvosso's buried here with his wife who was the first person buried in the graveyard of the newly built church.

On October 13th 1834 William Carvosso died of a bladder infection after spending about 10 weeks in great pain. He was a man who had a wonderfully close relationship with God and who profited from this through his ministry. He had little or no education, he came from lowly stock and yet he shines like a burning light; an example to us all. He would say that he was a teacher and not a preacher, although he would sometimes fill in for an absent preacher, his gifting lay as a class leader; teaching and encouraging his people in the ways of God. He was a man who spent many hours interceding before his Lord for the souls of family, friends and those he was yet to meet. He was a very gifted prayer leader and he excelled at one on one evangelism; be it in the street, going around house to house or by letter. He was a prolific letter writer, using them mainly to encourage people to press on towards the prize.

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