South Parade Wesleyan Chapel (1794)

In a letter to the Rev. R. Reece, dated Jan. 21, Mr E. gives the following account of this extraordinary work of God, which was not confined to the Leeds Circuit, but extended through a great part of the country.

"The Lord has poured out his Spirit plenteously in the Halifax Circuit. They have added upwards of 300 new members the last quarter, most of whom, so far as they can judge at present, are justified. Their meetings are frequently noisy and long continued, often till midnight, frequently till morning. It is not unusual for persons to be crying out in distress in various parts of the chapel, and others praying for them. Now, a number of stout fellows, kneeling around a sinner in distress, cry aloud, 'Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.' Anon, the captive being set free, they seem to shake the very house with crying, ‘Glory be to God.' The noise and confusion sometimes are very great, and one could wish it otherwise; yet, as the preachers see hundreds of sinners turning from the error of their ways, they very prudently, I think, say little to put a stop to it.

From,’Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Entwisle: Fifty-four Years a Wesleyan Minister,’ by W Entwistle, 1848. p132-3.

Additional Information

This chapel was built in 1777 and was sold to the railway in 1878. It was demolished in 1868 to widen the road. I do not know where it was on South Parade.

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