Kidsgrove - Primitive Methodists Church (1805)

In the meanwhile, the work of God continued to prosper, more or less, and it spread to Kidsgrove as well as to the Cheshire side of Mow; and a necessity was now laid upon Mr Bourne to exercise his gifts in a still more conspicuous manner. He had often been requested to lead the class at Ridgway, where he was a member, but through timidity had declined; — but as there was no one to look after the new converts at Kidsgrove, he went thither a few Sunday mornings to speak to them, and here made his first attempt at class-leading.

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin, by John Petty, 1860, p9

Additional Information

Location unknown. This is the church today.

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