Manchester - Primitive Methodists (1820)

"Manchester was visited," says Mr Bourne, “and preaching established there by the Primitive Methodists, about March 9th, 1820. The preachers belonging to Tunstall circuit were the first to visit this large town, and were favoured with many seals to their ministry." “Sunday, July 30th, 1820," says A. Brownsword, "I preached at the New Cross, Manchester, to a large congregation, and had a powerful time; at six, in the new room at New Islington, which was crowded from end to end.

"Monday, 3lst, I preached again in this room. As soon as I had done, there was such an out-pouring of the Spirit — such a pentecostal shower, as I never before witnessed. Sinners were crying out for mercy on every side, and ten, at least, struggled into liberty." On Monday, August 7th, the same preacher officiated again, and ten more souls were made happy in the love of God. At this time there were five classes in Manchester, and about eighty members in society. Towards the end of the year, Mr Bourne says, "The cause (in Manchester) is growing strong. They have a very large room in New Islington, and they have had the courage to take another large room in Chancery-lane. This example may be followed with advantage in most towns."

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin,p95

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