Wethercote - Primitive Methodists (1821)

He (Clowes) likewise visited Stokesley, also since become the head of a circuit, and preached to a great congregation in the market-place. He had invitations to Weathercote, and to Auterly in Bilsdale, at both of which he preached with great effect, and many were brought to God. Many exciting scenes were witnessed during his missionary tour in this district, and a great awakening took place among the inhabitants, which we cannot particularize. On September 7th, he arrived at Hull, having been absent ten weeks, during which time he had succeeded in opening many places, had travelled four hundred miles on foot, and his whole expenses to the circuit had amounted to only thirty shillings.

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin, by John Petty, 1860, p102


Additional Information

I am assuming that Wethercote Farm, in Bilsdale, is where the meeting took place.

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