Wangford Circuit - Primitive Methodists (1835)

Wangford Circuit, in Suffolk, made from Yarmouth Circuit in 1833, was also favoured with considerable prosperity. Wangford Branch of Yarmouth Circuit contained only about seventy members in July 1832, when M. R. Howchin entered upon it But the Lord so blessed his zealous efforts, that at March following it was made into a separate circuit with two preachers and 233 members. The ensuing summer the brethren engaged largely in missionary efforts, visiting above twenty places contiguous to the circuit, and meeting with a considerable amount of success. The number, of members reported to the next Conference was 272, and to the following one 540. Among the new converts were many who had been addicted to almost every species of vice; their reformation was striking, and they became zealous in the service of Christ The alteration in the morals of multitudes excited the wonder of beholders. In one village where the inhabitants had been so immoral, and so rude in their behaviour, that no stranger could pass through the streets without being insulted, the conversions were so numerous as to entirely change the moral aspect of society. Some who had been the most profligate became consistent Christians, and some who had persecuted others became zealous for the faith which they had sought to destroy. In some parts of the circuit ''whole families and almost whole villages were brought under religious impressions; and many who had been depraved to proverb, became changed in life and heart, and”

From, ‘The History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion from its origin, by John Petty, 1860, p313.

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