Abergavenny Wesleyan Chape (1862)

God has been abundantly blessing our town this race week. Dr and Mrs Palmer are still here and held a midday prayer meeting and service every evening in the Wesleyan Chapel all last week. Few attended the former, but at the latter the place is generally crowded. The course of the evening service is usually after this fashion. The minister of the place commences and then the doctor reads a portion of scripture and spends about 15 or 20 minutes of expanding, taking one particular point upon which he enlarges; Mrs Palmer then takes the desk and speaks very fluently generally upon the part read by her husband. Holiness of life seems to be the culminating point of all her argument and she insists upon the fact that if anyone will promptly follow up the convictions of sin, which all men sometimes feel, he will find peace and happiness at once with faith in Jesus, of whom the Spirit ever testifies to the soul which He has convinced of sin. The lady gives many instances in which persons labouring for years under convictions, by following out instructions given by herself have obtained immediate release from the burden of sin by which they were oppressed. Whatever their doctrinal views may be, they are evidentally children of God and labouring most assiduously for his honour and glory and God has blessed them here greatly.

This afternoon the chapel was crowded to excess and the Primitive Methodists are holding a revival service on the Groffield. They went round the town singing this afternoon. Oh, we do hope that much lasting blessing may be the result. God has sent showers upon the thirsty earth; it now remains for those converted and those revived prayerfully to follow up by works of faith and labours of love that which has been so graciously begun.

From, 'The Revival', volume vi, 8/5/1862.

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