English Baptist Chapel - Tredegarville, Cardiff (1859-1862)

Richard Weaver is now in Cardiff and has been here since the 14th. He commenced his labours on the 15th in the new English Baptist chapel, where he preached a crowded congregations both morning and evening and also on the following Monday evening. On Tuesday the services were held at the music hall (the largest public building in south Wales), where Mr Weaver has since continued to preach every evening to about 4000 people. The meetings were owned and blessed of God and the results are very cheering, while hundreds go away from the hall unable to gain admission. We never saw anything like it here before.

It is his first visit to the principality and very few of those who have had the privilege of listening to him, but earnestly hope that, if the Lord so wills, he may very soon repeat his visit. He held his first services in the English Baptist chapel, Tredegarville, but although when crowded this chapel will hold 1500 persons, it was found much too small to accommodate the multitudes that wished to hear him. A large hall situated in the centre of the town and capable of accommodating dating when crowded 2500 people, was hired. This hall was well filled every evening, except Saturday and on some occasions many went away unable to obtain admission. Mr Weaver's addresses Have been most effective: hundreds have given in their names as anxiously seeking salvation, while as large a number, there is reason to believe, are impressed who did not give in their names. Amongst those professing to have found spiritual good are some of the most abandoned persons in the town. At this early date it would be wrong to speak of particular cases, or I could fill several columns with most striking instances of what we sincerely trust are true conversions to God. In the list of enquiries there are persons from almost every street in the town. 

Two accounts taken from 'The Revival', Volume vii, 3/7/1862

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