Canton, Cardiff (1859)

A young Christian from Aberystwyth settled in Cardiff early in 1859, and his relation of what he had seen there made the Revival the burning topic of Welsh religious circles. Canton Chapel was full on one occasion at a seven o'clock Sunday morning prayer-meeting. A raw young convert went forward and gave out a hymn expressing the wonder of redeeming mercy. "A big lump filled my throat," relates one, "and I turned my face to the wall. After a prolonged, inexplicable silence the precentor struck the tune, and in a strange voice went on singing a solo. Amazed, I turned to look for an explanation and saw an unparalleled sight. The great crowd was bathed in tears; no sound, no excitement, but weeping, weeping, heartfelt weeping. The singing broke down, and the succeeding prayer, and the next. So was the service spent— a little singing, a little praying, many spells of silence, but ceaseless weeping."

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 94.

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I do not know which denomination this was.

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