Swansea (1862)

I told you in my last that I was going to Swansea to hold some services on November 24. I did so on the sabbath and Monday, when the attendance was very good, in fact, the mission chapel was quite full on sabbath and Monday nights and many were in tears. Several found peace in Jesus. Brother Sutherland wrote to me since to say that my visit had been much blessed to many. Seeing the good work that Mr Sutherland has engaged in, I felt much interested, as it is amongst the outcasts of society in the back lanes, alleys, courts and backstreets. On January 11, I again went and held services three times on sabbath, when attendance was very good and at night the power of God was felt. Many were in tears and 14 souls professed to find peace in Jesus. One had lived many years in sin and was by many considered lost; but God found her and she wept like a child. Two others were women of the streets. On Tuesday we had a tea meeting. When it was over we had a good meeting. Tuesday night the writer held a service and spoke upon the recruiting sergeant speech; afterwards held a prayer meeting, when several came forward to be prayed for, but only one found peace in Jesus. Many were convinced and left the meeting in tears.

'The Revival', Volume vi, 8/2/1862

Additional Information

I do not know where the chapel was.

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