St Bridget Church (1859)

Cardiganshire.—The Rev. W. Herbert, Vicar of Llansaintffraid, speaks of the revival thus:—" The additions to my church during the past year consists of one hundred and fifteen members. In this locality the movement was not noisy, but calm, silent, and sober. The good effects which, I am happy to say, are still visible, are these— the Sabbath is more strictly observed, the house of God is better attended, family prayer is set up in many houses where nothing but cursing and swearing were heard before, drunkards have become sober, &c. These are the good effects of the revival in this place."

Another clergyman in the same neighbourhood says:— " The increase of members at my church has been about forty to fifty—all young people. May God preserve them by His grace, and keep them to eternal life! Though I dread the future, yet my consolation is, that He who gave the grace will continue it and that He who bath begun a good work will finish it until the day of Jesus Christ.' There is already a very evident improvement in the morals of the people. Twelve months ago there were no less than twenty public-houses in this small place, well supported. The people were addicted to drinking and exhibited a con­temptuous dislike of everything and everybody around them so that I had almost abandoned the place in despair to everything that was vile and vicious. But mark the change. I came here on the day when Colonel Powell made his first appearance after his election, and although beer was given freely at every public-house, I only saw one solitary instance of drunkenness throughout the day, and that was a poor half-witted beggar."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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