Ebbw Vale (1859)

The following facts are from the pen of the Rev. Thomas Rees of Beaufort:—" The Congregational, and the Calvinistic Methodist Churches at Ebbw-vale, in this county, are blessed with a large measure of Divine influence. At a prayer- meeting in the Independent chapel, on Monday evening the 12th instant, the attendance being unusually large, a person, who had been a member of the church for nearly twenty years, was requested to engage in prayer. Having uttered a few sentences, lie began to pray for the conversion of his aged father in a most pathetic manner. His feelings soon overpowered him, and in an instant the whole congregation were so affected, that they sobbed aloud, ‘When the excite­ment had in some measure subsided, the minister requested those of the hearers who had a desire to join the church, to remain behind. Thirteen did so, and amongst them was the father of this man. The grey-headed sinner came weeping to the communion-table to be spoken to.

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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