Newcastle Emlyn (1859)

The following communication, dated Feb. 2.5, 1860, is from the Rev. J. Griffiths, Vicar of Llandilo-fawr:

"I have delayed replying to your letter with the hope that I should have a more copious report to furnish in respect to the wonderful movement in Wales, generally termed revivals.' During last year, and indeed in this, we have had a great accession to our church, and the im­pression on my mind is that the hand of the Lord is plainly visible throughout. What can the sceptical world say when you see a stalwart, athletic man, in the vigour of robust manhood, whose previous life was that of a thought­less man, not caring for his soul nor his family, brought to his knees, and crying out, like the prodigal, I have sinned against heaven and before thee,' and continuing faithful to Christ and His gospel for nearly a whole year?

"This is only one instance of many that I could men­tion.

"There are many things connected with this movement, like everything else, which you cannot soberly approve; but I am firmly persuaded that the Almighty is opening the sluices of grace and pouring out streams of blessings on the churches of all denominations.

"The Union meetings seem to be blessed to a great extent in the neighbourhood of Newcastle Emlyn. Whenever two or three are gathered together to address the throne of grace, believing, in the name of Jesus, that they shall receive the blessing asked for, they are heard, and the place is too confined to accommodate the crowds that assemble in consequence. God seems to honour prayer- meetings more than any other means of grace in this movement. If the churches—or may I not rather say the Church of Christ--were to petition the House of Mercy, God's Bethesda, with that simplicity and importunity which the Scriptures indicate and encourage, I verily believe that we should succeed in making a paradise again of our globe. It is the narrow-mindedness arid self-exaltation of the Christian Church that ties up the hands which are over­flowing with blessings to man; the practical influence and obedience of faith which appear to follow this revival restrains the tongue of the sceptic and drives the scoffer to a corner."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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