Penmorfa Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church (1859)

David Morgan visited Fenmorfa early in 1859, and scores joined the church within a few months. Yet they were conscious that the great rain of His strength had not descended. They watched the clouds with anxious eyes for many months. A powerful and eccentric preacher, Thomas John, Kilgerran, supplied the pulpit the first day (Sunday) of i860. In the morning service he stood on the frowning slopes of Sinai, the thunders only hardening the hearers. The breeze blew milder in the evening service, and while the concluding hymn was being sung, the audience could hear in the musical intervals the preacher's voice in earnest prayer. He descended the pulpit steps slowly, never ceasing his pleading. He wearily reclined on a form below, still praying loudly and solemnly. As he sank exhausted on the bench, still praying, the whole audience rose to its feet with one simultaneous impulse, and every eye fastened on the man of God travailing in prayer, the multitude vented its pent-up emotion in a great incomparable shout that will never be forgotten by those who heard it. Thomas John now lay prone in the *' big seat," uttering only one sentence from an overcharged heart. '' A happy new year to Thee, glorious Jesus! " This oft-repeated greeting fell on the waves of spontaneous thanksgiving and prayer now surging through the chapel, as the recurrent tolling of a mighty bell might impinge on the hum of a busy street.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 48.

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