Soar Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Trer-ddol (1858)

It was here where the 1859 Welsh Revival really began. It was the home church of  Humphrey Jones who came back from America, where he had ministered in the revival there, to begin a revival in Wales.

Jones wrote in the Herald, 'The church was thoroughly awakened and prayer meetings were held every night. At the conclusion of every prayer meeting, I would ask whether there were some sinners present who desired a part in the prayers of the church and who wished to give themselves to the Saviour... During the second week, there was preaching every night and some came forward at the end of every service. Fifty-one have been converted in this locality up to the present. This is regarded as a major revival in such a small congregation and in such a sparsely populated area. The revival continues. The movement has proved influential far and near. I receive letters from all directions requesting that I should go there to hold similar meetings... I believe that Wales is on the brink of blessed things and that revivals will be commonplace happenings throughout the land.'


Additional Information

This church was rebuilt in 1877.

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