Bethel Baptist Church - Caeo (1859)

The Revivalist preached at Bethel (Baptist), Cayo on March 7. He gives his own impression of the meeting in his Diary: " It was a very hard service I had at Bethel to my feeling." The account as given by the minister of the church is a striking commentary on the above pessimistic estimate. "It was a remarkable service. The appeals of the preacher were extraordinarily powerful. I was at Bethel next Sunday morning, and forty penitents joined the church. None of the hearers who went out proceeded beyond the graveyard. The deacons went out among them urging them to surrender, and forty more obeyed. In my next service at Salem, the sister church, thirty-nine joined! They were baptized in the Ddolwen brook, and the first to be immersed was Dr Timothy Richards, China. These converts formed the strength of the church in ten years. I attribute this great upheaval to David Morgan's sermon on * Ephraim's grey hairs.'

"From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 85-6..

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