Llantwit Major (1859)

On Tuesday evening, September 27, having already held three meetings during the day, David Morgan preached at Lantwit Major, where the windows had to be smashed for ventilation purposes. The crowded service was a jubilee of joy. Next day the RevivaHst's iron constitution gave way temporarily. *' I was very ill till mid-day." A rumour spread over Wales that he was dying, and threw thousands into an agony of solicitude. " We had a meeting at night with extraordinary effects. Many swooned and prayed very strikingly when they woke. One girl prayed remarkably for her father. He was outside the window, listening and weeping bitterly." There was one among the penitents whose house had been a den of moral corruption. She seized the preacher's hand when he had finished with the others, and cried, '^ I am the last and the worst!" "Have you a husband?" ''No, I never had a husband, but I have a son." The Revivalist offered a prayer on behalf of this Samaritan woman and her boy, and though many predicted that Nancy's shop would be open as usual next Sunday evening, they were wrong, for both mother and son continued to seek the things that are pure and of good report.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, pages 99-100.

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I do not know where this happened.

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