Gilgal Calvinistic Methodist Church - Bodedern (1859)

At Bodedern a convert told David Morgan that her father was alive but without religion. "I'm here tonight, Jennie fach" bawled the old man from the other end of the penitent seat. "Where have you been so long?" asked the Revivalist of the eighty-two years old peasant. "For all that, you'll get the penny, and on it you'll live a gentleman to all eternity."

One of the twenty-three converts was a girl who had strayed from the paths of innocence, and the Revivalist has recorded the following incident in his Diary: —

"While I spoke to a girl among them, a man sat near, his face hidden in his hat, who exclaimed excitedly, ' Oh! thanks! Blessed be God! ' I asked, * Does she belong to you?' He jumped to his feet, crying, * She is my sister and the wickedest of us. Her sins are too vile to utter. Come, girl, fall on your knees and cry for mercy! ' She tottered towards him to kneel by his side." David Morgan whispered to her, " Do you want to join the church of the pure and sinless Jesus? " She replied with broken utterance, " I am ashamed to stay here because of my unworthiness; and I wouldn't have dared to do so, had I not remembered that old hymn: — 

Magdalen was washed though sullied^
And Manasseh, pure and bright,

In the stream of blood and water
\Velling forth on Calvary's height;

Who can say but I shall also
In that flood be washed, and live?

God has grace in boundless measure,
And His Heart delights to give.'"

She was washed and justified and lived to stand faithfully by the cross of Jesus.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 173.

Bodedern is a small village in the county of Anglesea, and the work there is described thus We have had a revival for about two months. It commenced with the young, whose prayer-meetings are sometimes prolonged to a late hour. Our Christmas-day was spent in prayer to God for the success of His kingdom. During that day seventeen inquirers were received into the church. The number of persons who have joined the various congrega­tions in this village, up to this time, is 178."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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