Amlwch Port (1859)

From the north of the island we have similar tidings. A correspondent at Amlwch says A most powerful awakening has been felt in these parts during the last few weeks. It is questionable whether anything more powerful has been felt in America, Ireland, or in any other part of Wales. It has already accomplished great and almost incredible things. I could compile a volume if I collected together all that is said and clone in connexion with this blessed visitation. I am glad to be able to state, that other denominations as well as ourselves (the Calvinistic Methodists) are favoured with this heavenly fire. There is great rejoicing amongst us, and many have joined the Christian Church, and this good work is not likely to end very soon. Thus far it seems to gain in strength, and it has already removed the irreligion of some neighbourhoods. According to present appearances, a drunken man will soon not be found in the town. During the last week the influence of the revival has been very great. We had received one hundred and twenty in the previous weeks, but we have added sixty more this week, making an addi­tion of one hundred and eighty hopeful converts in the town chapel. At Amlwch Port, eighty; at Nebo, one hundred and seventy; at Silo, eighty; at Bethesda, one hundred and sixty; at Moriah, all the hearers have become members except one or two; and at Bethlehem, ninety persons of all ages have been admitted either as candidates or members."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips

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