Elidir Mountain - Dinorwig (1859)

The sough of approaching rain was heard in the breeze at Dinorwig about August 21st. The children began to slip furtively into the woods to pray. On the following Thursday morning, robust youths in the quarry were seen weeping freely with heads bowed over their work. At ten a prayer-meeting was held at a place called  "The Smoky Hole." Instead of proving an escape valve, this made the weight of emotion intolerable, and the quarry poured itself out and up the slopes of old Elidir to relieve the strain. Three would be found kneeling behind this stone, five in this hollow, ten beneath yonder precipice. The mountain burned with fire, and guilty souls heard the sound of a trumpet and the voice of words. Many such, who had followed the praying throng either to mock or from curiosity, were overcome by the terrors of Sinai, and, prostrated on the ground, they wildly clutched the short mountain grass, like men in imminent peril of slipping over some appalling precipice. By and by God instilled His peace into their hearts, and they participated in the feast which the Lord of Hosts had spread in that mountain — a feast of fat things full of marrow and of wine upon the lees. They all returned to their burdens in the quarry about two, but other troops from the village and district took their place, feasting, as it were, upon the fragments that were left, and finding enough and to spare until daylight faded.

Another Prayer-Festival was held on the heights of Elidir on the ist of September, when three thousand worshippers gathered.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 149.

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