Libanus Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - Llanfechell (1859)

Llanfechell is interesting to us as the place where John Elias long resided, and also as a place where David Morgan's ministry seemed an absolute failure. He was now in the zenith of his power, driving through the island in a chariot of fire. At Amlwch the previous evening, at Garreglefn in the morning, and at Cemmaes at night, the power of God was present to wound and to heal; but the afternoon service at Llanfechell was utterly ineffective. The land around was dew-drenched, but this fleece was desert-dry. At last one of the deacons despairingly appealed to the non- professing hearers to pray for the little church. The following Tuesday night the young men were gathered into a secret prayer-meeting, one door being locked and the second barred. These youths had never prayed before but did so readily this evening, their petitions being full of grip, salt, and fire. The leader had brought in one old stager, as a reserve force, in case of need. He was called forward last. As a rule, it might be said of this brother in his public devotions, ^'he casteth forth his ice like morsels; who can stand before his cold? " Neither had the ice melted on this occasion, yet before his prayer was through, the lads began to moan with mental anguish. When they strove to stifle their moans, a remarkable transposition took place, and they changed into songs of joy. Their joy was heard afar off, and the amazed villagers came crowding around; some forced an entrance through the windows, while others, with less patience, or less aptitude for climbing, hurled themselves against the doors, bursting through lock and bar.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 170.

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