Llanberis (1859)

The chief work, however, is in the vast slate-quarries, amongst the thousands who toil in the great excavations and caverns made by their own hard hands and strong arms. From Bethgelert to Waenfawr, Llanberis, Dinorwie, Pentir, Beth­esda, Capel Curig, Bettws-y-coed, and Dolyddelen—the vil­lages which surround Snowdonia—the revival has already spread. Like a belt of fire, it encircles the mighty moun­tains, and whatever natural ice and snow may be found on any of their high peaks, or in their craggy recesses, there is but little moral ice now left which has not felt, in some degree, the melting power of this gracious influence.

Llanberis.—"From the commencement of the revival until the present time, we have had an addition of ninety persons, most of whom are young people who have spent their days in idleness, drunkenness, swearing, taking the Lord's name in vain—and were as unconcerned about reli­gion and their souls as the brute beasts. Within the last few years, we found a generation of hardened young people springing up among us, totally devoid of the fear of God. But by this time, the young people are thoroughly hum­bled—easily entreated—kind—and very liberal in their contributions towards the Redeemer's cause."—October 1859.

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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