Rhyl (1859)

The information received from this county (Flintshire), though not so ample, is nevertheless truly gratifying. The places named as having received showers of blessing are Holywell, Rhyl, Mostyn, Mold, Rhosesmor, Holt, and several other localities. A correspondent at Holywell writes in January last:-­" We desire to praise Him who dwelleth in the heavens, for the great things we have been permitted to see and feel during the past week. The heavenly fire is kindled in and around this town; a town which it was feared by many would be the last to receive a visitation from the Spirit of God. Thanks the revival has come hither also! "

After describing the united prayer-meetings held during the second week in January, and on which a special blessing seemed to rest, he adds:- You may now see in this neighbourhood scores of quarrymen collecting together at the dinner hour to hold prayer-meetings. The heavens are rent by the voice of prayer and praise. On their knees they acknowledge that they are rocks within rocks. Drunkenness is diminishing in the town and neighbour­hood. The public-houses are emptied, and the people flock to the house of the Lord. It is worthy of remark, that on the 9th of January all the shops were closed, and during the whole of that week business was suspended at half-past six in the evening. The chapels were crowded every evening, even on the evening of the market-day."

The following communication is from Mostyn and dated the 8th of February:—" The three denominations in this place, Calvinistic Methodists, Independents, and Wesleyans, have held united prayer-meetings in their several chapels alternately for some months past, and we have already wit­nessed some of the blessed effects. During the past week the attendance and interest were such as have never been witnessed before in this district. The effects are seen in the great addition to the Sunday schools, and to the congregations and to the communion of the various churches. The Bibles and Testaments in the Depository of the Bible Society at this place are in great demand and are sold rapidly. There is a visible change in the conduct of the colliers, and cursing and swearing have nearly disap­peared."

In a recent number of the Baner Cymru, a correspond­ent at Rhyl says:—" I rejoice to be able to state that the religious awakening so prevalent in other districts has at length reached this place, and the effects by which it is attended prove it to be a visitation from the Lord. The cause of religion in this place was in a depressed state previously; prayer-meetings were announced, but few at­tended; the ministry was good, but the sermons preached produced but little effect in inducing the hearers to abandon the ways of sin. The church itself was in a sleepy state."

After giving an interesting account of the united prayer- meetings, the same writer proceeds:—" Other denomina­tions as well as the Calvinistic Methodists partake of this revival. The best possible effects attend it. The young people who had been brought up religiously are now far more earnest. Instead of walking idly about the streets and roads they go to their prayer-meeting. The spirit of prayer seems to be possessed by all classes and ages. Meetings for prayer are separately held by six different parties:—First, by little boys from six to twelve years of age; secondly, by boys from ten to fifteen; thirdly, by young men; fourthly, by girls from eight to fifteen; fifthly, by young women; sixthly, by adults of all ages. The effects are witnessed in the great increase of at­tendance at the Sunday school. We have never known the Sunday school as large as it is at present. Those who never came to hear the Word are now constant in their attendance at the sanctuary. Many drunkards have been made sober, many who once blasphemed now pray, many of those who mocked and scoffed are now engaged in praising God; and the additions to our church already number upwards of one hundred. When the Almighty works, He adds fresh glory to His cause, fresh beauty surrounds the sanctuary—even the ungodly are compelled to acknowledge, there is something greater in religion than the authority and power of man."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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