Llanfwrog Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1859)

At Llanfwrog, the Revivalist asked, "Are there any here anxious for salvation? Not many, perhaps; and if there be some, they are to be pitied, for this church is terribly cold, and I am afraid that they will freeze amongst you." When four girls declared themselves as converts, he asked again, " Has anyone here been praying for these young women? If so, let him raise his hand.'' No one gave a sign. "Have you asked the preacher suddenly, turning to a white-bearded old gentleman. There was no response. "Oh! what a cold hearth for newborn babes ! " exclaimed the Revivalist. However, this plain talk kindled a flame that burnt unabated for six months. One Sunday evening, after singing the dismissal hymn, many remained to pray, and souls were quickened and given the right hand of fellowship. A few still remained in the chapel- house, holding a thanksgiving prayer-meeting for the converts. Many who had retired to their beds, in distant homes, rose again at the impulse of an inexplicable, heaven-kindled instinct, and wended their way to this private prayer-meeting.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 171-2.

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