Llanfyllin (1859)

A correspondent of the Bauer Cymru writes, from Llan­fyllin, under date of January 25:- A powerful awaken­ing commenced here in a prayer-meeting of young people connected with the Independents in this town, on the 5th instant. Many persons who heard the sound of prayer and praise were attracted to the place. A large congregation shortly came together from all parts of the town. Many of the country-people, on their way home from the market, joined us. An old backslider came forward, weep­ing, and requested an interest in our prayers. A little before midnight the police-officer visited us, and he also caught the revival fire. He spoke to the congregation and prayed most fervently for himself and all who were pre­sent. At this stage of the meeting, a young man lifted up his voice, and in the most pitiful manner entreated that prayer should be offered for his drunken father. It was nearly two o'clock in the morning when the people were induced to separate for their homes. The revival spirit has at length spread amongst all classes, and so strong was the feeling on Sunday evening, that the minister was unable to proceed with his discourse. During the past year there had been a delightful spirit in the church, and upwards of sixty persons were added to us. We had the gentle dew then, but now the cloud has burst upon us, and the great rain has fallen at the commencement of the year 1860. The awakening began at a small chapel, two miles from the town. The various denominations are baptized with the revival spirit. The 9th of January was wholly devoted to prayer. We met in the Town Hall in the morning as one united body, and in the evening in our several places of worship. All the shops and public-houses were closed. Such a day was never seen in this town."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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