Talwrn (1859)

At the village of Talwrn a middle-aged man was spoken to, and the Revivalist explained: " Richard Owen has never been with religion before, but resolves to be forever henceforth. He promises to hold family worship tonight if his mother will let him" " Here she is," cried someone. "Mrs Owen, do you see where Richard is?" said David Morgan. " Thank God! " ejaculated the old lady.

At the end of the society, the Revivalist exclaimed with irresistible unction, "O Sun ! stand above Talwrn! And it will stand," he added, "till every inhabitant is in the church." This prophecy was literally fulfilled.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 178.

At Talwrn, also, about sixty persons have been added since the 5th of November, the day on which the Rev. D. Morgan, of Yspytty, visited them."

A correspondent at Gaerwen communicates interesting details respecting the revival work in that and the sur­rounding districts. Amongst other things, he says:—" On Monday morning, November 28, while the master of the day-school at this place offered up prayer, as was his cus­tom before the school duties commenced, the Lord poured out a spirit of grace and supplications' on him, and upon all the children present, about ninety in number, so that they continued in the exercise of prayer and praise until noon. A considerable number of the neighbours assembled to look on and to listen, and they might have said, When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.' They were deeply affected while listening to young children pouring out their full hearts in earnest prayer before the throne of grace. Many of the petitions were remembered and repeated afterwards, and the following may be regarded as a specimen: ‘Save me, oh, save me through the blood of Christ. The blood of Jesus can cleanse a great sinner like me.' A little boy prayed for his father with great earnestness, and with weep­ing eyes, Oh, save my father. My father is ungodly, save; oh, save my father, for Jesus Christ's sake.' Others pleaded for brothers and sisters, and the various members of their families. A woman who came to the place without knowing what was going forward was so impressed by the sight, that although she had scoffed at every manifestation of feeling in religion only the previous evening, she was so overcome that she joined the children in their devotional exercises."

The same writer adds:—" If I look round the district to Llanfair, Brynshenkin, Dwyran, Newborough, Bethania, Bethel, Llangristiolus, Llangefni, Gilead, and including Gaerwen, I may say that many hundreds have been added to our churches. In Newborough alone we have had two hundred. The Wesleyans and Baptists have had additions. At Llangefni the Calvinistic Methodists have had about one hundred fresh members; and other brethren, the Inde­pendents, Wesleyans, and Baptists, have had occasion to rejoice.

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips

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