Cilycwm (1859)

The Rev. R. Phillips, of Llandovery, writes as follows:


"It is supposed that about three thousand persons have been added to the Calvinistic Methodist Churches in Carmarthenshire during the past year. Some of the greatest drunk­ards in some neighbourhoods give evidence of a change of heart by a change of life. The old people say that there is more of God in this revival than they ever saw in any similar movement. It is quite clear that a work has been done which none but God could accomplish. In some places the cause of religion had nearly died away, but now those places are quickened. The churches, which were small, have received a large accession of members, and new life runs through the whole.


There has been a most powerful revival at Cilycwm, and about two hundred souls have been added to one church. The prayer-meetings held once every week were greatly blest, and the sermon preached by the Rev. O. Thomas, of London, on a Sunday afternoon in the month of August last, will never be forgotten. The effects were overwhelm­ing, and many were added as the result.

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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