Trellech (1860)

Trelleck is a small village much noticed for its antiquity; but of the inhabitants it might be said, in the language of the prophet Isaiah, darkness covereth the earth, and gross dark­ness the people. So destitute were the inhabitants of Scriptural religion, that it was a place noted for impiety and wickedness; though the gospel was being preached in the church every Sabbath, year after year. The conscience was so seared, and stubborn hearts were so steeled, that conviction's arrows seemed as though they could not enter. Ministers of' different de­nominations visited us to preach the gospel, but without success; until at length the place was called a little Sodom. But bless God for days of awakening; the dark cloud seems to be rolling away. In the year 1858, three of us formed a little society in our chapel (Bible Christian), hoping God might bless the people. And thank God we were not disappointed; for very soon He began to work by his Spirit upon the heart of a lad in a very powerful manner. One evening, after my day's work was done, I went into my closet under the impression that the Lord was about to revive his work. I felt while praying an unusual weight of Divine power resting upon my soul, as though God was beginning to work. On the next night a person came to ask me to come to their house, as her brother wanted to see me, he was in such distress about his soul. Accordingly, I went and found him labouring under conviction of sin. I saw what was the cause of his grief, and asked how long he had been so. The reply was, "Last evening, about seven o'clock, he became so bad." I remembered that was about the same time I was in my closet, praying. I set the Saviour before him as best I could, prayed with him, and took my leave. After some time he was able to venture his soul by faith on the atonement; and felt that he had redemption through the blood of Christ, and forgiveness of sin. I believe he is a humble and sincere Christian and a consistent member of our society. The next instance was that of another boy, about twelve years old. The Lord also took hold of his heart in a very powerful manner. He, too, sought Jesus and found pardon, and is now going on well. All glory to Jesus. In the summer of last year, we held an open-air service in the village; it being a fine Sabbath, the attendance was good. At the close a person was found in dis­tress about his soul; when spoken to he fell upon his knees in that place; we then repaired to the chapel for prayer, which was soon filled, and a blessed Revival broke out, many souls stepped into liberty; the wail of the penitent, and the shout of the new-born soul, were strange sounds in Trelleck. One per­son came and looked in the chapel, and turned away, saying “TheY are mad." Another said, "No, it's a solemn place, for God is there." From that time many souls have been added to the church, I hope such as shall be eternally saved. To God be all the praise. T. C. L.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 30.

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Location unknown.

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