Bridgend (1859)

The Revivalist (David Morgan) came unexpectedly to Bridgend on market- day. The crier's announcement of a morning service emptied the market-place. Many farmers' wives left their baskets of butter and eggs in the angels' care and hurried to the Tabernacle. One lady, more worldly-wise, loitered to safe bind her parcels and failed to enter beyond the lobby. She told us that the gallery stairs were crowded with weeping folks, though they could hear little of what transpired within. The subject of the discourse was " Elijah on Carmel," and when the preacher proceeded to test the meeting, he said, " We shall now see who are followers of Baal, and who take side with Elijah. Let all who love Jesus Christ kneel, and let all who don't, go out." Many knelt, but not all, and no one went out. Some who were clustered at the top of the gallery stairs started down, but before reaching the bottom step they would invariably burst into tears and fall on their knees. The preacher made another attempt to test and divide the audience, but in vain, for the crowd was a tumultuous sea, and the un- converted would not leave. He prayed again, and endeavoured the third time to *'draw in the net,'' but nothing availed. " Never mind," said he to the nonplussed elders; " if this be the Holy Spirit's work He will complete it; He will not allow them to dwell in the world." It was said that scores were added to the churches as the fruit of this service. 

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, pages 93-4.

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