Appin (1860)

Congregational minister, the Reverend Charles Whyte, reported that a considerable awakening has broken out in the quiet district of Appin. Ten or twelve had been hopefully converted in that small community and a number more under the conviction. Throughout the previous 12 months there’s been a considerable thirst for hearing the Scriptures and one or two cases of deep conviction and hopeful conversion had occurred. It wasn’t, however, until the district was visited by two young converts from Ireland That the “power of God… was so signally manifest.“

The Irishman had been invited by the minister of the Free Church following reports of their success in other towns in the area. But in this church, too, before any special meetings were held, several came repeatedly to the minister under deep concern of soul. Meetings were held every night for a fortnight. The people came out in crowds and a considerable number were deeply affected. There were new cases of awakening every night the following week. The minister wrote, "March 9, was reported as a Bochim. There were many new cases of awakening and very much weeping among men, women and children. This continued for a succession of nights. A goodly number have come to converse with me, some under deep concern of soul, whilst others have peace and joy in believing."

"Scotland Ablaze," by Tom Lennie, pages 327-8. 

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I cannot find the ruin of the Free church

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