Forres (1861)

My dear Sir,—Since I last wrote to you we have had many blessed meetings, and much good has resulted from them, as many can testify. I do not think we have had one meeting in which we have not felt very powerfully the presence of the Spirit of God in refreshing, convincing, and gladdening the souls of those who are to be saved. During the summer, several gentlemen from London have favoured us with addresses, and their work of faith and labour of love shall in no wise go unrewarded by the Master. Many attended our meetings during the harvest from the hill country, and these will doubtless have taken back with them the words of life to tell to those by whom they are surrounded, as many are now doing around us who have been born from "above, and are now testifying by their walk and conversation that they are not of the world. There has been a large number of tracts distributed, and prayers have been addressed to the Majesty on High for his blessing on them. 'These have been sent by the recipients in letters to many parts of Scotland, and other places and countries. How do we know which shall be blest? Meetings for prayer are now held in almost every village and town around here, and doubtless the means used in open-air meetings and other efforts have been successful for the extension of the Redeemer's kingdom. The work which commenced here last year, you will be glad to hear still goes on increasing more and more, and the interest taken in the meetings and prayer is fully as earnest, and, if possible, more so.

From 'The Revival Newspaper', Volume v, p189

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Probably in the Free Church.

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