Bridge of Weir (1859)


At the Religious Institution Rooms, on Tuesday, a gentleman made the following statement: —I have been residing at Port-Glasgow for a few weeks, and on Saturday I met the missionary there, who asked me to take his meeting, as he had to go to Bridge of Weir, on account of a movement which had begun there. Three of the young converts, who had formerly been among the worst characters in Port Glasgow, went up to Bridge of Weir, and it was arranged that they and I should speak to the people. We walked up on Sabbath morning, and between sermons got the use of the church. Some impression was produced on the minds of the people there by the earnest addresses of two of the converts, and after the dismissal of the regular congregation in the afternoon, one of the converts again stood up at the end of the church and delivered a thrilling address, which was blessed of God, in answer to the prayers of fifty converts who had been asked on the previous night to pray specially for Bridge of Weir. After the service was closed, there was weeping and wailing by the people on the streets for their sins. Some were taken into a house, which was soon crowded, and the result was that there were six cases we knew of deep conviction, and many others deeply impressed. I do believe many of them will yet give their hearts to Christ. The latest case of conversion in Bridge of Weir before this service to which I have alluded was that of the wife of a shoemaker. The husband had been at a meeting got up by a Glasgow gentleman at Kilmalcolm, and going home from the meeting his heart was so full that he gathered together the people on the road to hold a prayer meeting. His wife was a bitter enemy to religion, but she has now experienced a great change and is very happy.


"The Scottish Guardian," September 2nd, 1859.

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