Island of Gigha (1859)

Prayer meetings have been held nightly for some time back, and though the weather has been exceedingly wet and stormy, people came from all parts of the island to these meetings, when a number were visited with strong conviction of sin and danger quite similar to what has taken place in Campbeltown and other places. Indeed the Island has become an Island of prayer - little boys on their way home from these meetings, though the nights be dark and stormy, remain among the rocks and hills, praying alternately till a late hour; and many who were not in the habit of attending on the means of grace, are now thirsting for the word of life. Along with those who were deeply affected and crying out for mercy are many others, though they do not publicly cry, are seriously impressed, showing a change of conduct which is very interesting, and attending the duties which they formerly neglected.— Argyleshire Herald.

"The Scottish Guardian," November 29th, 1859.

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