Knox's Free Territorial Church, Perth (1863)

We have recently been invited by a Mr Selen, Capt. McKenzie, etc., evangelists of the Scottish Evangelistic Society, and evening after evening we held open-air meetings; then adjourned meetings for inquirers at Knox's Territorial Free Church, South-street. Then followed a Mr Steel, from Peeblesshire, Mr Duncan Matheson, from Huntly, and Mr Cunningham, from Glasgow. Now Messrs Steel and Matheson,
assisted by the Rev. Mr Davidson and other friends, held meetings of an evening, first preaching at the top of High Street then moving from thence down Methven Street to South Street Port, singing as we went the praises of our God, then speaking at the South Street Port; from thence again moving and singing as we went along South-street to the Territorial Church, where, evening after evening many anxious souls were addressed and directed to the Saviour. On the following Sabbath evening there were gathered together not far short of two thousand precious souls on the South Inch to listen to the words of life as they fell from the lips of various speakers, and many found it good to be there. As to permanent results, that time alone can and will reveal.

"The Revival," August 13th, 1863.

Additional Information

The church was at the west end and north of South Street

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