Heiton (1861)

A visitor to Heiton began a meeting and numbers increased from 15 to 160 in less than a week. He was so sure that the Lord was going to do something that he asked the reverend Bonar to send a missionary to continue the work. A Mr. Murray was sent and hundreds flocked to the meetings. The trade in the pubs declined rapidly. Such an awakening had never been heard of in that community.

Soon a marvellous change had taken place over the whole district. A clergyman, who had doubts about the genuineness of this work, met a young girl who professed Christ and began to question her with strong theological language. Looking confused, she replied simply, ‘I dinna ken, Mister, but I just tak’ God at His word.’

From, "Scotland Ablaze," by Tom Lennie, page 150, published by Christian Focus.

Original source, The Scottish Guardian, 2/3/1861, page 598.and 22/8/1862, page 173.

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