Castlefairn (1860)

Yesterday, at the Religious Institution Rooms, the following communication was read:—

" We have been much cheered and encouraged by the frequent notices of your meetings, and the good which has resulted from the same. We have regular meetings here, and in Tynvon, and Castlephairn. We are not without fruits here, but, by the blessing of God, great good has been effected in the last two places. There have been no physical manifestations, but a great outward reformation. In not a few cases family worship has been set up by those who, but two months ago, were most bitterly opposed to the revival movement. And, in two cases, prayer meetings have been started by those who a short time ago were scoffers. A poor man of week mind has been, to all human appearance, brought to the knowledge of the truth, and is busily employed doing good. Already he has been the means of getting one who cannot read, and who was a Sabbath breaker and profane swearer, to attend the house of God and cease from swearing. Having the prospect of assistance from Glasgow, we are to have a series of prayer meetings at the above places.

"The Scottish Guardian," February 25th, 1860


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