Wishaw (1859)

EP Hammond spoke at a meeting in Wishaw. The meeting was packed with some hundreds standing throughout the evening. About 300 remained to the enquiries meeting, 1/2 of whom seem to be awakened. These were dealt with in separate rooms, one for men and one for women,. Yet, even when nearly 3 hours had lapsed, all the cases of awakening had not been attended to.

From Tom Lennie's, 'Scotland Ablaze', page 99.


The meetings which have been kept up here daily for the last six weeks, under the superintendence o the Rev. Mr Millar, of the Free Church, who has been assisted by many devoted servants of Christ, continue to be attended by crowded audiences. There have been many remarkable cases of awakening, especially during this week and much good has already been accomplished. A deep interest in Divine things is beginning to pervade the whole community, and many earnest prayers are being presented for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost.— Hamilton Advertiser

"The Wynd Journal," February 2nd, 1861.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meeting was.

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