Quarff - Shetland (1863)

The Lord in his mercy has visited Gulberwick. This place is about three miles from town, and not far from Quarff, where the good work progresses in a favourable manner. It was visited last week by some young people from Sandwick and at the prayer meetings held a great moving of hearts took place. While one very young lad engaged in prayer, tears rushed from every eye, and not a few were led to confess their sins and cry unto God for mercy. In fourteen houses domestic worship is now observed, where seldom, if ever, the voice of prayer had been heard. The meeting last night was very large. The excitement rose to a great height, and the deep distress of many convinced sinners was plainly revealed in their heavy sobs and painful cries for mercy and for peace. The anxious and distressed were kindly attended to by the colporteur and schoolmaster present, with other Christian friends. This we trust is only the beginning of great results in this and neighbouring districts.

"The Revival," February 26th, 1863.

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