Inverness -Methodist Church - James Turner (1860)

"I have been four nights in our chapel here, and it has been filled to the door. Last night even the passages were crowded — many crying for mercy, and I trust not a few finding it. It was daylight this morning before I got to bed, it being about one o'clock, a.m. before we could leave the chapel; and the house continued nearly full up to that hour. On Friday, Mr Parker (The Wesleyan Minister in Inverness) went with me to the Infirmary, and nearly every person we spoke to was moved and melted down, and I hope some really found peace in believing. A backslider on his deathbed has been restored. He was once a member of our chapel here. What a severe conflict he had! I thought he would have died in the struggle. I am to see him again today. I thank my God that I have a measure of health. It is surely of His great goodness seeing that I have to speak so much and get so little sleep. Pray on nothing doubting, for truly we can say the Lord is with us."

"The Life and Labours of James Turner," by William Robbie.

Additional Information

This building replaced one that burnt down in 1964, which I assume was the church where he was.

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