Maybole (1859)

The Rev. James Moir has received the following letter from the Superintendent of Police:—

"Maybole, Nov. 9, 1859.

"Sir,—Some time ago you asked my opinion as to the effect of the Revival movement on the behaviour of the people. At that time I could not give you a satisfactory answer, but now I can have no hesitation in saying that the improvement on the moral conduct of the middle and lower classes here has been de­cidedly good, arising, as I believe it does, from the influences of that movement, not only upon those who have been affected themselves but upon many others beside. In many quarters of the town, from which I have had frequent complaints about rioting, &c., may now be heard at nights and on Sabbaths the voice of praise and prayer, sweetly resounding from the houses of the poor; and it is seldom indeed that I now witness such scenes in the places referred to as I have done in times gone by. You may use this note as you think proper.—I am sir, your most obedient servant, "JOHN CAMERON, Superintendent.

"The Rev. Mr Moir." From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume i, p148.

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