Drumblade - Reginald Radcliffe (1860)

In a narrative of his experiences, Rev. Alexander Forbes, Free Church Minister of Drumblade, near Huntly, says:

"In the end of 1858, when the remarkable movement of revival was going on in America, four ministers in the Huntly district began to feel the need, not only amongst their flocks, but in their own souls, of a quickening, such as the friends in America were receiving. They met from time to time to pour out their hearts' desires to God; and in course of time they were joined by eight other ministers, who agreed to meet for special prayer once a month, Very soon they began to experience answers to their united petitions. They heard of conversions and saw a revived state of spiritual life in their congregations. In one congregation there was held a week of special meetings for prayer, and both pastor and people were greatly revived. Other meetings of a like nature sprang up in the district, with similar results. "It was during this revived and quickened state of feeling that Reginald Radcliffe appeared amongst us. He came at the invitation of that saintly woman, the Duchess of Gordon, who was throwing her whole influence into the movement, and at whose residence the twelve Free Church ministers already mentioned met once a month for prayer. With the coming of Mr Radcliffe, there began a work of a most remarkable kind, exceeding in depth and intensity anything we had previously witnessed. Up to this time we had seen one here and one there giving themselves to the Lord; now, whole congregations were deeply impressed, and many conversions took place. From the day he came amongst us crowds gathered to hear him, and wherever he went his labours were richly blessed. Hundreds are still living who acknowledge that salvation came to them through his instrumentality.

"Huntly had a large share of Mr Radcliffe's time, and his labours there were crowned with remarkable success. The Free Church congregation at Drumblade, about three miles from Huntly, where a work of grace began in 1858, had several visits from Mr Radcliffe, with precious and wonderful results that can never be forgotten. If we were to speak of hundreds in the parish who were brought under the power of grace, we should only be telling what we know.

From 'Recollections of Reginald Radcliffe,' by his wife, p80.

The town was also touched by the 1874 revival begun by D L Moody, but Moody never visited here.

Additional Information

The church is now a ruin which is privately owned. You can just see it in the copse next to the road.

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