Newmill (1859)

We are credibly informed that there is scarcely a town or village between Aberdeen and Inverness that has not been visited by the quickening power of the Spirit. In and around Aberdeen the work still goes on. Many have been awakened and converted by hearing casually a text repeated. A number of young men, having no better place to meet in for prayer, assembled in a room without light, where they frequently continued till midnight. Several men have given up selling drink; one of them was awakened, but could get no peace; he was going on selling spirits. But, as he afterwards said, "whenever I tried to pray, my whisky casks rose up before me.' One day, going to his shop, the thought flashed across his mind--" If Jesus were here, would he bless this traffic? Then, in his blessed name, I've done with it." And this young man stood up in the Free Presbytery and told how God had doubly prospered him since this. At Ballater, the work has begun; some young girls from there came to Aberdeen and were awakened and found. Jesus. One of them invited her mother to come and see her; she promised, and this daughter, with three other girls, united in prayer, that her coming to Aber­deen might be blessed. The mother came, went to church, heard all, and remained unmoved, till, coming out of church a person put his hand upon her shoulder, and said, "Are you saved?" It was enough, the arrow went home, she returned to Ballater and told others. There are now five or six prayer- meetings; but a singular instance of God's sovereignty is seen in the fact, that only one-half of the village has been visited; in the other half, not one case of an anxious soul is to be met with. At Banchory, the Spirit is also at work; a young carpenter spoke to a girl—she was troubled and spoke to another—the Word flew. One resolved, in her distress, to go to the minister. He sent her to speak to a girl long thought to be a Christian—a Sabbath-school teacher, too—she was staggered and alarmed. "What," she said to herself, "if this girl is passing through the strait gate; I came by my religion very easily; I never felt such distress." The girl found peace and joy and went to tell the Sabbath-school teacher. "Now," she said, "I know I'm wrong; I never knew this distress, and I never knew this joy." She was awakened and brought to Jesus. At Newmills, there has also been joy in heaven, over not a few brought to repentance. At Inverury there has been much awakening among farm-servants. At Blairdaff, on Donside, a great work has gone on.

From the 'Revival Newspaper' Volume II, page 22.

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