Perth (1860)

A correspondent in Perth says:—

A committee meeting was held on Monday night, for the purpose of winding up the arrangements, and prayer that God would be gracious by granting favourable weather. The weather, which had for some time previous been unsettled and unsuitable for such a meeting, on Tuesday morning became settled; the sun shone out brilliantly, and we were graciously favoured with a most suitable day.

About ten o'clock, a meeting for prayer was held by those who were to address the vast assembly, in Free St. Leonard's Church; and about half-past ten o'clock, large numbers of people began to flock to the South Inch, the first trains from the north and east having by this time arrived. Large numbers came with them, and also by the trains at eleven o'clock. I should say upwards of 4,000 people were on the ground. This number rapidly increased until 1 am sure, there could not be less than 8,000 souls simultaneously engaged in worshipping God.

A platform was erected on the north-west side of the Inch for the speakers; farther south was a tent for anxious inquirers, and at the south side of the Inch was another platform for speakers. The services were commenced by praise and prayer by Mr Milne of Free St. Leonards, Perth, and the meeting was afterwards addressed by Mr M'Donald of St. Martin's, who has taken a very active part in getting up the meeting. The meeting was next addressed by Mr Nolan of London and Mr Radcliffe. It was then intimated that anxious inquirers would be met with in the tent by a number of God's people, who were there to point out to them the way of salvation. In less than a quarter of an hour the tent became crowded, and large numbers, both men and women, were seen crying, and in great agony about their souls. In a few minutes the tent became so crowded that it was found necessary to go outside and meet them in small groups, when, in a short time, might be seen many of these groups around some child of God, who was telling them of the love of God in sending his own Son to die for their sins...

At seven o'clock, services were resumed in the following places:- City Hall, St. Paul's Established Church, Free St. Leonard's, and Free Territorial Church and Independent Church, Mill Street. The meeting in the City Hall was addressed by the following speakers:- The Rev. Messrs Smith, and Johnstone of Glasgow, Revs. Moody Stewart, Bayne, and Messrs Forlong and Radcliffe.

Upwards of 3,000 were present; and at the close of the addresses Mr Radcliffe requested all anxious inquirers to remain for conversation. After the meeting broke up, hundreds of these remained, and were duly attended by ministers and others; and I doubt not but many of them, before leaving, had found Jesus, and were rejoicing in Him as all their salvation and all their desire. Not having been at any of the other meetings, I could not say what success attended them, but if I may judge of the City Hall meeting, many who had gone stouthearted were there broken in heart by the power of the Spirit of God, who worketh where and when he pleaseth, and were enabled to lay hold of the hope set before them in the gospel, and had entered into covenant with God to live no longer to themselves, but to Him who died for them and rose again. It is impossible to say how many souls were brought to a saving knowledge of the truth, but I have no doubt that on the day when all secrets shall be revealed, many will. be found to have obtained the new birth on this great and precious day. The services were resumed today (Wednesday), and, I am told, apparently with great success, there being nearly as many attending as yesterday' and I trust the same effectual outpouring of God's Spirit will be experienced.

"The Scottish Guardian," August 23rd, 1860.


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