Duntocher (1860)

From a correspondent:—On Wednesday-, I had the pleasure of being present at a prayer-meeting in a large school-room in Duntocher, at which there was an attendance of from 400 to 500; the great portion of whom were young men and women of from fifteen to thirty years of age. After devotional exer­cises, which were twice engaged in by laymen, solemn and searching addresses were delivered. The eagerness with which the audience listened, was apparent in their very countenances. They longed to hear the Word of Life; so much so, that when the meeting was dismissed, about nine o'clock, some 250 re­mained, and desired the services to be prolonged. There can be no doubt that a remarkable awakening has begun in Duntocher, and is still going on. Various young persons are holding prayer-meetings in one another's houses, and are not ashamed to make profession of the Lord Jesus. Some, who were regular church-going people, have been brought to see that they were strangers to grace and to God, and have been enabled to give themselves to Christ ; others, who had become careless in attendance on Divine ordinances, have been brought to see the evil of this, and are now to be seen in church from Sabbath to Sabbath ; and others, who had been addicted to swearing, and drunkenness, and other vices, have abandoned these, have embraced the Saviour, and have become so in­terested in Divine things as to take part in the prayer-meetings that are now being held. So marked is the change that has come over the village, that the spirit-dealers are beginning to feel their business considerably affected by it.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume i, p172.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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