Sanquhar United Presbyterian Church (1861)

For about a year and a half past, Sabbath evening union prayer meetings have been held in South United Presbyterian Churches alternatively and the Chrichton School-house. In the church the proceedings are conducted by the Rev. Dr. Simpson, the Rev. Mr Crawford, and the Rev. Mr Inglis, parish minister. The school-house holds about 300 persons, and the meetings are presided over by laymen. Inquiry meetings have been held, and large numbers remained. On the evening of Wednesday last, a crowded meeting was held in Dr. Simpson's church. The ministers present were, Rev. Dr. Simpson, Rev. Messrs Inglis, Crawford, Scott, and Goold. For the inquiry meeting, which was held immediately after, about 70 persons remained. The meeting was open till a late hour, the ministers and others busily enaged conversing with the anxious ones. For some time past the mind of the people of Sanguhar has been powerfully impressed, and having found vent, there is no doubt that the good work will advance. — Dumfries Standard.

"The Wynd Journal," March 9th, 1861.

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