Tain (1859)

At the Religious Institution Rooms, on Tuesday last, the following extract from a letter from Tain was read, showing the work of revival to have begun in that quarter: -

"You will be delighted to learn that we in the north have been partaking of some drops of those blessed showers that are descending on our country. Mr Grant, Arndilly, preached here during our own minister's absence, and nightly meetings for prayer were held, after which those in an anxious state were invited to remain for private converse. It was surprising to see the crowds of anxious inquirers who availed themselves of this invitation. Very many seemed deeply impressed, and not a few have found peace in Jesus. It was particularly gratifying to see so many children eagerly inquiring the way Zion ward. We had a deeply interesting scene in the Sabbath school — uncommon stillness and awe pervading our meeting, and many of the little ones were bathed in tears. Surely this is the work of the Holy Spirit; it is sin to doubt it. Oh that this spirit of inquiry were spread over all! It will be a fearful thing to see it pass away ere it seems to have visited all our households. Prayer meetings are nightly held, numerously attended, and much earnest believing prayer offered up for an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Let us thank God and take courage."

"The Scottish Guardian," October 28th, 1859.

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